Proposal to the President

Proposals to the President are an important part of the Leader Development Program. Tenure-track researchers are required to organize a group and make proposals to the president of Hokkaido University from a managerial viewpoint regarding the direction in which the university should progress. During the given period of about a year, group members must find time in their busy research schedules to arrange meetings in which they develop discussions and research on their theme.

Although this may be seen as a burden for tenure-track researchers, who have to spend their precious time on proposals, we believe that on a long-term basis the program will provide the participants with opportunities to broaden their field of vision, which in turn will become a precious asset both for the University and for the researchers themselves.

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August 30, 2011 “A Survey of Graduate School Programs in Overseas Countries: Curricula of Doctoral Programs and Their Implementation”
July 24, 2013 “Viewpoints of First-Year Teachers: Changes for a Better Hokkaido University”
September 18, 2015 “Building up the URA system as a key factor for enhancing research capacities”

Tenure-Track Member Exchange Seminars

At Hokkaido University, tenure-track researchers voluntarily organize and operate cross-field exchange seminars. The members introduce their research themes to members from different research fields using easy-to-understand words and conduct question-and-answer sessions in an effort to deepen mutual understanding. Many such introductions have later developed into new cross-departmental collaborative researches. These seminars take the form of casual gatherings in which questions and tangential discussions are equally welcome. These convivial gatherings also help to deepen mutual exchanges among members from different research fields who would otherwise have few opportunities to talk with one another.