Junichi Yoneda
Office for Developing Future Research Leaders (L-Station), FOHRED
Specially Appointed Professor

L-Station (Office for Developing Future Research Leaders, Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development (FOHRED)), the operational body of the tenure-track system at Hokkaido University, provides the following services.

  • Planning of recruitment and international open calls, including all relevant procedures
  • Environmental backup for tenure-track researchers and support for their research activities
  • Promotion of exchanges among researchers
  • Management of the overall tenure-track system and organization of meetings for appraisals and reviews
  • Promotion of the Leader Development Program
  • Planning and management of the budget involved in promotion of the program

Tenure-track researchers recruited through international open calls vary not only in their research fields but also in their experience and personal histories, which means that the challenges they face after assuming their positions at Hokkaido University also differ significantly. L-Station listens to them, brainstorms with them, and makes sincere efforts to solve their problems.