Hokkaido University introduced the Department Tenure-Track Certification System in April 2019. The system is designed to support tenure-track faculty members recruited by a department that implements a system that meets specific requirements. Each department takes responsibility for personnel screening, mid-term appraisal, and final tenure review, while the support system and development program are administrated by Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development(FOHRED).

Under this certification system, the Leader Development Promotion Committee (LDPC) certifies whether a department meets the requirements stipulated below. A young researcher employed by a certified department is qualified to receive research funds in her/his first and second year after employment.

Certification requirements for Department Tenure-Track Certification System

  1. Have tenure-track system rules in place
  2. Secure positions for tenure-track faculty members
  3. Create independent research environments for tenure-track faculty members
  4. Ensure that a tenure-track faculty member spends 50% or more of her/his time on conducting research activity for five years after employment, in principle
  5. Appoint a department adviser
  6. Conduct a mid-term appraisal
  7. Conduct a fair and transparent tenure review
  8. Have a development plan for tenure-track faculty members in place