• Tomomichi KATO
  • Research Faculty of Agriculture Division of Research Innovation and Cooperation
  • Alumni2013
  • Japan

Specialized Field

Plant ecology / Climate-Ecosystem Interaction

“Looking Back and Looking Ahead: Comments from Alumni after Completing the Period of Tenure-Track Faculty”

Terrestrial ecosystem, composing of forest, grassland, desert, and etc., is a quite large component in Earth’s climate system. Temporal and spatial distributions of exchange rates of heat, water, CO2 between ecosystem and atmosphere form global climate.
Climate change and human activities would alter the structure of terrestrial ecosystem largely, leading to acceleration of global environmental change. To know the future status of our ecosystem, terrestrial ecosystem model, which represents the ecosystem’s activity like as photosynthesis and respiration, is a very useful tool. Currently, I am working on ecosystem modeling of the temporal and spatial changes in ecosystem’s activities on both European continental and global scales.