• Arctic Research Center, Cryosphere Research Group
  • Hokudai Type2015
  • Russia

Specialized Field

Cryosphere / Seismology


I am a geoscientist fascinated by the Cryosphere, its processes, and the beauty of its intact nature. In particular, I am interested in observational, experimental and numerical studies on snow avalanches, glaciers, meteorology, and earthquakes.

Most recently, I have been working at the interface between Glaciology and Seismology, trying to understand glacier dynamics through methods adapted from passive Seismology. Glaciogenic part of seismic wavefield remains one of the least explored areas of seismology, and I believe there are many important discoveries to be made, especially today in an era of global planetary changes.

If you are interested to work in this direction, or have your own ideas to develop as a student or a postdoc, I will be glad hearing from you.