Tenure-track assistant professor Saunavaara organize an international seminar.(2021.2.8-9)

『 Finnish-Japanese Data Center Seminar』

~Connectivity, Sustainability and Regional Development~


Date: Feburary 8~9, 2021

Venue:Hokkaido University Conference Hall(Sapporo, Kita-Ku, Kita 8, Nishi 5)

Language:English(Japanese interpretation available)

Registration:Please send an email to (juha.saunavaara[at]arc.hokudai.ac.jp). ※change [at]→@

※Message should be titled as “Finnish-Japanese Data Center Seminar” and consist of following information: name of the participant, affiliation and position, email address, information whether you are planning to join the reception and/or field trip.

Registration Deadline:January 20, 2021


※Finnish-Japanese Data Center Seminar is free of charge. Participation without prior registration  is possible, but but we hope that you register in advance.

※ If you are planning to join the reception (self-paid) on February 8 or field trip (free of charge, limited number of seats) on February 9, registration is necessary (January 20, 2021 or earlier)


For more details please check the URL below.