Tenure-track assistant Prof. Goudarzi organized English seminars. (2020/1/27-2020/2/17)

Center for Medical Education and International Relations held four English Seminars below.


Eligible:  Staffs and the students in health-related fields

Seminar date:

1) January 27 (Mon.), 18:15-19:45
How to read a scientific paper?

2) February 3 (Mon.), 18:15-19:45
How to present your data at an international conference?

3) February 12 (Wed.), 18:15-19:45
English for Medical purposes: Patient care and guidance in a hospital

4) February 17 (Mon.), 18:15-19:45
English for Medical purposes: Patient education

Venue: Lecture room Ⅰ, 3rd floor, Library, School of Medicine


For more details regarding the contents of each lecture, application, etc. please check the posters.

Queries: 011-706-5547.
Ms. Nishide (edu-jimu[at]med.hokudai.ac.jp)
Dr. Houman Goudarzi (houman[at]pop.med.hokudai.ac.jp)